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No Appointment Necessary - Huge Wig Selection in Stock

We keep keep in our inventory over 1000 styles of wigs and hairpieces. We specialize in all types of wigs and hair pieces. I our store you will find wide selection of quality synthetic and human hair wigs. In friendly atmosphere and with professional service our customers can find the right style.

All our wigs are the highest quality. If you are Chemo Therapy Patient or you have permanent boldness you need

a quality wig to last long and you want to be able to renew it and keep it usable for long as possible.

All our wigs can be renewed, restyled, washed and more.

PRICES Our prices are in the range you can find in online store.  With a purchase a wig you will receive free styling, trimming and resizing if needed.

Our wig collection has natural looking colors and skin quality in wig fashion.

Whatever style you choose, you will be pleased to know that your wig style has been made to ensure wearing comfort, lightness and hair fashion.

Monotops (skin-like base) wigs give natural look and feeling better in return. We have wide line of these wigs and hair pieces in our store. The monofilament cap is made of an “invisible” mesh net, which makes the hair appear as though it is actually growing from the scalp.

Our wigs and hair pieces match the color, texture and style of the original hair. We provide hair replacements so it won’t be recognized by anyone and customer will fill a hairpiece as own. All wigs and hair pieces are available in many colors and  shades. Our staff will be able to find the right for you instead of risk buying any wig online without knowledge of colors and shades you can do it with help qualify person. Please see our “Services” to find out how to take care of a wigs.

Why Purchase Wigs from a Local Shop

  • You can try on a wig you want
  • Specialist will show you some options
  • You can find the right color. Online pictures never show the real shade of the hair
  • You can check the quality of the wig before you purchase your future hair..
  • You can try on several styles before you purchase of a wig
  • All wigs are made with longer hair and all of them have to be trimmed and styled to your face.
  • Perfect matched wig should not be recognized on you by any bystander,
  • Wig shop personnel will explain how to take care of wig to prolong the life of your investment,
  • Online stores don’t have own inventory, they drop ship your purchase from a distributor
  •  If you are chemo patient, a trained personnel will show you options available for cancer patients,